Trains are a necessity given that Minsk is a big metropolis. This in hand makes people travel more conveniently and faster around the city due to various subways scattered around. There are a total of 25 stations in Minsk which uses two lines; the Moskovskaya and the Avtozavodskaya line.

The good thing about traveling via subway is that it’s cheap because it has a fix price. Which means wherever you go, you’ll only have to spend 460 BYR. To ride the train simply go to the ticket booth, present your payment, and you’ll be given a token on which you’ll use to drop in the turnstile. An important reminder to travelers, prepare a piece of paper with your destination written in Russian or Belarusian for cashiers and station personnel help you find your way to the correct train.

As convenient as it is, trains in Minsk are fast and on time so you need not worry if you’re a tad bit in a hurry, you’ll get to your destination in no time. There are trains arriving and departing every three minutes to ensure passenger control and satisfaction.

On the other hand, Subways in Minsk are unbelievably clean not to mention safe. There are always guards or police hanging out the gates while some even inside trains. Some subways are modern such as the Minsk Passenger Train Station which is the Main Station with the state of the art futuristic look while others have the old Soviet Russian design which gives off a back-to-the-past feel.