The first place that you will see upon your arrival in the beautiful city of Minsk is the Minsk International Airport. Opened in 1982, it has flights to and from numerous countries in like Italy, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Cyprus, Poland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

The airport is the major international airport in the Republic of Belarus, of which the national carrier is the Belavia. This airline has direct flights to a lot of cities in Europe such as Paris, London, Moscow, Vienna, Kiev, Frankfurt, Rome, Riga and Warsow. Other airlines operating in the Minsk International Airport are: Lufthansa, a German airline; the Austrian Airlines Group; LOT Polish Airlines; and AirBaltic, a Latvian airline.

Aside from flights to neighboring European cities and other countries, the Minsk International Airport also offers flights to other towns in Belarus. These flights are limited though.

When you get to the airport, a consular service desk and insurance agent will be available for your concerns. Passport control will then be found to check all necessary information.

From the airport, there are a lot of transportation options going to the city. The cheapest way would be to ride a bus and the most convenient would be to take a taxi or rent a car. If you opt to take the bus, there are buses that depart every hour and this is from 7 AM to 10:30 PM. Taxis and car rental services are found at the arrivals.