Buses/trams are only one of the modes of transportation used to go around the capital. Although traveling by bus can be tricky due to complex bus routes as well as the language barrier you’ll be facing, it’s still a good choice of transportation especially if you want to see some sights and attractions while riding the bus.

For one not to ride on the wrong bus, the best way is to get a current map of the city along with a transportation scheme and bus route guide. Also one must familiarize with the bus routes such as the #100 bus route which travels around the main road of Minsk. The #300 can give you a ride from either Vostochniy or Moskovskiy to the Airport. Ticket costs 7000 BYR.

There are a total of 5 public stations in Minsk including the Minsk Central Bus Station located in 6 Bobruiskaya Ulitsa and the Moskovsky Bus Station in 63 Filimonova Ulitsa. Also constructed are private lines that accommodate bus routes that travel to faraway cities as well as other countries in Europe.
Tickets can be sold in booths or directly from the ticket seller on the bus. You can also buy tickets in advance such as a ten day pass or a month pass. Also, tickets are one way which costs 650 rubles.