Travel to Minsk

Almost all means of transportation can be used to go to Minsk, well except for water transportation. But aside from that, you have many options on how to travel to the capital of Belarus. However, there is one universal rule for all types of transportation when you’re a traveler from a foreign country and that is to have a VISA to enter.

Of course, the fastest way to travel to Minsk would be by airplane. Majority of International flights use the Minsk-2 airport, 40km from the city. Belavia, the national airline has 41 destinations through out the world. One way ticket price from London to Minsk costs 279 pounds. While other domestic and neighboring country flights use the Minsk-1 airport just 3km off Minsk.

Almost all the neighboring countries have trains that depart going to Minsk daily. Berlin for example has a daily 20 hour train voyage that leaves every 1:49 pm. Ticket fair costs about €69 for 2nd class, and €109 for 1st. Moscow also has a 6 hour daily voyage that departs from the Moscow station at 11:30pm. Kiev to Minsk takes about 6 hours and tickets cost about US$12.

Travel train to Minsk
If you feel doing a road trip by car makes you most comfortable, you can certainly do so. Though, there are two setbacks in car travelling. First, is that you have to acquire thorough understanding of the border system as it is included in the European Union (EU). Second, being part of the EU, border authority is strict so crossing the border may take some time. Just prepare beforehand your VISA and papers, and the time in the border check may be lessened.