Minsk has a broad transportation system that people can use easily to travel around the city; it includes subway, buses/bus trams, taxi, and trolleys. You can choose either of the modes of transportation given to go around and enjoy Minsk.

Minsk Metro (Subway)
Considered as the most dependable mode of transportation, the subway consists of about 20 or so stations that are allocated in two lines. Trains also leave every three minutes so you are sure not to be behind schedule. For travelers especially foreign, because it would be hard communicating in their language, one advice would be to buy in advance a pass that can give you multiple rides. This also makes you avoid the long lines in the ticket booth during rush hour. Ticket price is at 850 rubles or 460 BYR.

For getting to the exact location you desire, a taxi is always the best choice. It’s cheap and easy to ride but just to be on the safe side, pick the official yellow cab to avoid troubles with getting to the destination and fare expenses. For travelers who especially don’t speak the city’s language, it’s better beforehand to write down your destination and show it to the driver. 1,500 Belarusian Rubles per kilometer is the rate.

Though this alternative can be a good choice for traveling around the city, one disadvantage is finding out which bus to ride from a certain stop especially if you can’t read Russian or Belarusian. There are three main bus stations in Minsk; the Central bus station, Vostochniy bus station, and the Moskovskiy bus station.

Minsk Transport

You can also try renting a car so you can travel the city without limits while gain know-how’s in the Minsk traffic and roads. There are many rental companies that can offer rentals, price rates start at US$20 per day depending on the period and model.