Language School

A good language school and the beautiful city from which the language originated, these are the recipes you need to best learn a new language. When you learn a new language although you can conveniently learn it just through the Internet, through books and audio-books or CDs, it is never the same as actually learning it at the place where it is widely spoken. If you learn to speak the language in the city where it is home to, you get to appreciate not only the language but also the culture of the city. Not to mention you will have lots of opportunities to improve on your training. There are local shows on TV to watch, local programs on the radio that you can listen to and of course locals to speak with to help you in your training.

If you want to learn how to speak Belarusian or Russian, the best place to learn it is in Minsk. There are various language centers that offer language courses to teach you how to speak Russian. There are even schools and universities that offer these.

The Belarus State Economic University is one of these schools. The university has a 3-month program that is from April to July of every year. They have classes for groups and also for individuals and there are different levels to choose from. Other universities that offer language courses are Minks State Linguistic University and Belarusian State University.