If you happen to be living in a busy city or just want to escape from a busy life even just for one weekend, why not visit Minsk to unwind and loosen up your mind. The city has stunning historical architectures, sparkling parks, and contemporary yet cool bars which will satisfy your stay.


You can find a place to stay in Minsk which can accommodate those with a fix budget; Hotel Belarus can be a good example. For a US$100 price, you can be ensured of a pleasant and comfortable stay not to mention their main feature which is the vigorous West World Nightclub which houses one thousand people.

History tour

For starters in your weekend tour, you can have a taste of a little fragment of history by visiting the Victory Square. In the center of this square lies an obelisk raised to commemorate the triumph of the Great Patriotic War that happened from 1941 until 1945.

Local delicacies

If you happen to be hungry and want to taste the local delicacies, Belarusians are well known for making luscious and scrumptious sweets particularly chocolate. Try visiting the sweet shop called Lakomka which houses one of the best chocolates in the country. The shop name Lakomka derived from the Belarusian word “sweet tooth” is famous all throughout the city.

Local cuisine

You can also try out the local cuisine in Minsk which can be likened to Russian or Ukrainian cuisine. Baked meat, soups, mushrooms and heavy potato dishes, these are what you would generally see in any Belarussian cuisine. The Pechki-Lavochki, which is located in Main Avenue is just one of the fine Belarussian restaurants that you will find in Minsk.

Halibut in Caviar sauce and mashed potatoes



Once the sun goes down, you won’t want to waste your night in Minsk. You can energize your evening by checking out various night clubs scattered in the city. Belaya Vezha located at Masherova ave 17 is a good example. Considered to be one of the top nightclubs in Minsk, every weekend, they sport different themes and music styles so you’ll get a fresh and new feel every time you go there. They also have a Casino for those who want to gamble and have fun.

All this and more you can do in Minsk even if you only have a weekend. You’ll be able to accomplish a lot in just two days. Not only will you be able to travel back in time through a tour in the historical spots of the city, you’ll also get a taste of the city’s culture through its local delicacies, and get a taste of the new Minsk through its posh new architecture found all over the city and of course the various spots that offer a vibrant nightlife.