Weekend in Minsk

If one weekend can make you explore and discover the wonderful things to see and do in Minsk, how much more if instead you’d do it for a week? Providing a week to stay in Minsk will be enough for you to experience what Minsk can offer. Here’s an example of what you can do in a week’s time.

Places to Stay
40 Let Pobedy at Azgura 3 – The $45/shared room can be light in the pocket especially for those planning to stay long.

Minsk Vacation Apartments – Right at the centre of Minsk and close to major key subways. The place ranges from one to three roomed condominiums with an estimated €30-200 price.

Places to Visit
Victory Square – hosts numerous monuments honoring Victory in WWII located in the city centre.
Minsk Sea – just 5km off the city centre. A public beach people can enjoy with a free paddle boat ride.
Palats Mastatsva – Contemporary art museum situated at vul Kazlova 3, displays modern designs.
Troetskoe Predmestie – preserved part of the city during WWII. It is situated at old town, where you can get a glimpse of the old Minsk before it was rebuilt. Marvelous place to walk with many cafes and stores at the side.

Things to do at night
Overtime Nightclub – one of the largest in the city. Nice music to dance to, with lots of good looking foreign and local people. Location is near the Nemiga train station.
Next Nightclub – considered as the most famous in the capital; situated at Crown Plaza Hotel’s third floor.

Where to eat
Chomolungme – meat lovers and vegetarians can find something to eat here, also offers international cuisines including Asian and western cuisines. Address is at vulitsa Gikalo 17.
Pechki-Lavochki – authentic Belarusian restaurant located at the thoroughfare.