Long Weekend

The best way to spend your trip in any city or area is to travel to as many places as you can. You have to make the most of your vacation because you’ll never know when you’ll be given another opportunity to go back. If you are going to have a long weekend in Minsk, then you shouldn’t stop at just visiting the famous attractions that are found within the city. You should also try to visit the nearby places that also boast of having popular attractions and important places.

Khatyn Memorial

Khatyn was a village that was found in one of the regions in the areas of Minsk. But now, this place is no longer found in most maps that are available today because this town was destroyed in 1943 in the midst of the Great Patriotic War. What is known now as the “Khatyn massacre” happened in March 22, 1943. German fascists had invaded the little village and wiped it out of its inhabitants. There were only a numbered few who were able to escape the genocide. Now a memorial complex stands in the former village honoring not only the villagers that had died there but also the citizens of Belarus that had died in the war. The memorial complex is open for visitors 24 hours and you can arrange for a tour guide that will be available from 10 AM to 4:30 PM.

Khurgan Slavy

Also known as Glory Hill, this is another area outside the city of Minsk that you should try to visit. The Glory Hill is also a memorial that was made to honor the soldiers who risked their lives during the war. When you visit the place, you will get to see old airplanes and other relics that can be found at the base of the hill. A magnificent view of the city of Minsk can also be seen atop the hill.

Cities near Minsk

There are also some cities that are near Minsk that are worth your visit. Nesvizh and Novogrudok are some of these. It will take you one long day trip to visit these places but it will be all worth it.

In Nesvizh, you will see the Corpus Christi Church, one the world’s first Jesuit churches; and the Nesvizh Castle, a World Heritage Site that is the family complex of the noble family of the Radziwill.

In Novogrudok, you will see what remains of the Mindaugas’ Castle; the Mound of Immortality which was created in honor of the famous poet Adam Mickiewicz; and the Transfiguration Church, an architectural marvel where the poet was baptized.
Long Weekend in Minsk