If you are travelling in a group or with a small budget, you may be thinking of getting a hostel for your travel to Minsk. There are a number of good hostels in the city that you can try out. There are hostels found within the city’s center, or some that are may be a distance from the city’s main attractions but offers great accommodation.

Within the city’s center
There is a Minsk Accommodation found right at the heart of the city. You may find that some ticketing offices are even just downstairs of this hostel. You will find it in Nezavisimosti 18-15, at the entrance number 3. They offer free Internet access, and also have maps and tourist information available. The Lido Apartment is another hostel that is found in the city’s center. You’ll find this at Yakub Kolas, Gikalo 18. There are a lot of business spots that can be found around the place and transportation is also accessible. The Palace Republik also is situated at the city’s center at Nezavisimosti 23, Lenina 5. This apartment-hostel has a metal door with a digital lock, plus a door intercommunication system so you know that your safety is very well taken care of here.

Other hostels found at the center of Minsk are: the Lux Apartment in Nemiga str. 10 and a 1 Bedroom Central Apartment in Nemiga str. 12.

Other hostels in Minsk
If you need two rooms or more for your vacation in Minsk, the Village Guest House and Postoyalets Hostel are some of these. The Village Guest House has 3 bedrooms, where you can just rent 1 or the entire guest house. The Postoyalets offers up to rooms that can accommodate up to 8 persons. TV and Internet are provided.