Apartments are more ideal for tourists that will be staying longer at Minsk, as they provide a more spacious room, added amenities such as kitchen and cooking equipments, and fully furnished rooms. But there are also some tourists though only staying for a short time still want to stay in apartment rentals while on their vacation as they feel that they are able to enjoy their vacation more if they are staying in an accommodation where it feels almost feels like home.

You can choose from 1 to 2 room apartments available in the city. There are even apartments who offer up to four rooms. Depending on your purpose or budget you can find different apartments that will suit your need.

There are also various apartment rental services that have a network of apartments that you can choose from depending on your need and of course your budget. One option is check out these services and choose from their list what apartment would suit you best.

You can also check out individually the apartments yourself instead of hiring rental services. Among the most the areas that offer decent apartment options in Minsk are: Nezavisimosti Street; Gvardeiskaya, Kalinka, and Krasnaya Ulica.