There are a lot of accommodations to choose from in Minsk. There are hotels that are in the city’s center and are close to famous city attractions. There are also those that offer Visa assistance. Before checking out your accommodation options though, it is important to note that if you are staying in Minsk for more than 5 days you would need to register with the local police department. Most hotels will do this for you but you will find that some apartment rentals will not be providing this service. So it will be best to ask them at check-in and if they don’t do this, best to go out to do this yourself.

Among the accommodation options that are available are: hotels, hostels and apartments. The best ones to choose if you are travelling to Minsk for the first time and if you want to visit the attractions the city is famous for are the rental options that are found at the city’s center.

Minsk Accommodation

The Hotel Europe is one of these. It is found within the cultural and historical center of the city. It is a five-star hotel that has 7 stories and appears like an atrium. The building though carries a Modern Style architecture. The Crown Plaza Hotel is another five-star hotel that is at the heart of the city just within a few minutes’ walk from business spots, cultural centers and shopping centers.

Other accommodation options are the Minsk Vacation Apartments, which is near major railway stations; Hotel Orbita, Hotel Belarus, Planeta, and 40 Let Pobedy.