Minsk Weather

Minsk has a highly complex climate. It’s very hard to calculate the weather in a certain position at the accurate time. However, average temperatures and weather predictions will help people clasp the idea of what the day will be like. So if you’re a cautious traveler, it would be best to have a heads up of the weather on the day you will be traveling so as not to encounter weather troubles.

Minsk like any other city in Belarus has four seasons (summer, autumn, winter, and spring). Its climate is fairly continental. Average rainfalls are estimated at 646 mm or 24.5 in. Due to having more humid than dry days in a year, recurrent fogs appear especially in the autumn and spring season. While at the peak of summer, it can get hot. The hottest months of the year would be from June to August with an average high of 21.8°C. The hottest temperature recorded was 35°C which was on the 29th of July, 1936. Contradictory to hot summers, winters are also extremely cold. The average temperature starting from December until February range from around -4.3 to -5.4°C and the record low was -40°C on the 17th of January, 1940.

But if you weigh it that way, the Minsk weather is just right for different kinds of travelers. Whether you come from a hot country, you can feel most comfortable visiting in the summer season. Or whether you’re used to living in cold temperatures, then the winter is just right for you to enjoy the cold season. Either way, you can enjoy Minsk anytime of the year depending on your preference for a perfect weather.