When to Visit Minsk?

Minsk, the capital of Belarus is a clean and beautiful city. There are lots of breathtaking sights and wonderful tourist destinations to visit, so picking the right season to go to can be a necessity to enjoying your stay there. The summer there can be very hot whereas winter can be very cold thus being prepared when to go on a trip will be crucial.

Summer can be a good time to go to Minsk. The weather is alluring, the people are vigorous, and the sights are sparkling. Street cafes are also opened almost everywhere in the city during this season. And because it is summer, many of the people are free from schooling as well as taking a vacation from work so you can expect the place to be electrifying and never boring.

The cold temperature of winter may hinder you from stopping over. But in this time of the year, it’s said to be the most attractive for the eyes because of the bright pretty lights. Especially at night, the Christmas lights along with the night sky and the white snow can leave a mood of peace and tranquility.

For the best month to visit, it would be in July. The rainy days in this month would be less and with the average 17.8°C temperature, it can be just right for going out and enjoying the city.