Top Attractions

Many marvelous, dazzling sights and attractions lie wait to be visited in the Capital of Belarus. These various sights and landmarks provide a sense of enjoyment with a hint of facts that will make one’s experience memorable. Here are some of the best attractions Minsk can offer which will most likely highlight one’s visit to the city.

Mir Castle

Incorporated in the UNESCO List of World Heritage, this castle with its breathtaking and stunning architecture will surely capture the minds of sightseers. Built between the 15th to the 16th century, What draws attention to the castle are the 4 towers erected in each corner of the castle and the imposing drawbridge which both signifies the sturdiness of the well built fortress.

Victory Square

When you think of Minsk attractions, first thing locals say is the Victory Square. This iconic landmark is famous throughout the Capital and if you go on a tour, the sight will always come in mind with the guide or the locals. In the center of the square stands a 40m obelisk that remembers the heroes who gave their lives in the Great Patriotic War.

Chelyuskinites Park

Named after a Belarussian pilot, the Chelyuskinites Park is an old-fashioned amusement park in Minsk. Even if this is no Disneyland, you will still leave with a fascinating experience in this park. It was built in 1932 and it is said that not much has changed since then. You’ll see park rides like the roller coaster and Ferris wheel, plus there is a botanical garden nearby.

Sankt Simeon and Alyona Catholic Church

You will notice grey structures surround the area of this church. This makes the church more perceptible to the eyes as it has a red brick outlook. The Lavish, dazzling design and architecture of this building will surprise the tourists due to its bright decorated theme. Distinguished characteristics consist of the Roman aspects from the 20th century as well as the installed Nagasaki Bell.

Cathedral of the Holy Ghost

Cathedral of the Holy GhostOriginally built in 1642 as a convent for Bernadine nuns, this is among the few historic buildings that still remain in Minsk. The main attraction of the buildings is what is houses inside: Moscow Academic School’s collection of icons that includes the Icon of the Mother of God, said to have been made by St. Luke the Evangelist.


Khatyn Memorial

Khatyn Memorial
This memorial is created from the remnants of what was once a peaceful village that was shattered in the 2nd World War. Throughout the tour, you will understand how tough it was for the villagers during the war and the highlight of the memorial is the bell that rings every 4 seconds representing the death of every 4th Belarusian.