City Guide

Despite political events that have been happening in Minsk, it is still so much a city that is worth visiting and exploring. Minsk is a beautiful city that is very clean and safe and a city that is known for its great hospitality.

The best time to visit the capital city of the Republic of Belarus, is between the months of May to September. These are the warm summer months of the city. During these months, the city is at its liveliest.

Victory Park Minsk – river in Minsk

Any travel to the city of Minsk though would generally give you a fascinating experience. A trip around the city would be like visiting a town during the Orwellian Soviet-era in the 1960s. There are a lot of places in Minsk that has a story to tell from its past. It is even considered as one of the oldest towns in Eastern Europe that has a very rich history. Your trip will definitely be a unique one. Plus your trip will also be a very pleasant one. Aside from the Minsk locals known to be hospitable, they are also very friendly and kind. You’ll find that even though they don’t speak that much English, they will still do their best to help you when you ask for it.

Important information to know about Minsk: The locals speak Russian and Belarusian, with the majority speaking the former; it follows the standard time zone UTC/GMT +2 hours; +375 is its international dialing code; most establishments only accept Visa and Mastercard and don’t accept Discovery and American Express; ATMs are easily available in the town center; banks are open weekdays from 9 AM to 5 PM; the Belarussian Rubel (BYR) is its currency and you can have your money exchanged at bureaus found at hotels, inside bus and train stations, and shops.

The most important thing to know when you are travelling to Minsk is that there are a number of rules and regulations that are strictly implemented in the city. Tourists will have a more pleasant and hassle-free travel if they are familiar with these. Among the things that you should be avoiding are: opposition protests and rallies; carrying the Belarusian flag that was used before Lukashenka came to power, this is the white-red-white flag; and visibly taking pictures of the Presidential Administrative Building or other government buildings, military structures or uniformed officials. Minsk is also very strict in its jaywalking policies, so it will be good to remember this when you are exploring the city.