Minsk, which is part of the Republic of Belarus, is located right in the middle of Europe. The city is Belarus’s capital, and it is the biggest city in the entire Republic. The capital city of Minsk is the site for the region’s, as well as the district’s administrative affairs. Moreover, the city also has a special administrative standing in the Republic of Belarus.

Aside from providing administrative purposes to the region, district and the Republic, Minsk is also the major industrial center of Belarus. In the city of Minsk, there are more than 250 plants and factories that provide jobs to thousands of locals and also contribute much to the economy of not only the city but also to the entire Republic.

Among the main sights often visited by tourists in the city are the Victory Square, St. Helen & St. Simon Catholic Church, Independence Square, Independence Av, Upper town, and Troitskoye Predmestiye (Trinity Suburb) among others.