There’s a wide array of sports centers and facilities in Minsk in order to give the fans and tourists the excitement that their sports and teams provide. Both indoor and outdoor sports and facilities are available for one’s sporting need.

If football is your second religion, then make your trip a memorable one by visiting the most important football stadium of the city. The Dinamo Stadium is where football matches are held, part of Minsk’s landscape and it’s really an interesting piece of architecture. It lies along the river and very close to the main centre of the city. It has the shape of a coliseum, very classic roman style, and it’s built beside the upper town hill so in a certain way it remembers the Greek theaters as well, but with an oval shape. Inside it’s the typical Olympic stadium, very big, with no coverage and brand new UEFA-Cup approved orange seats.

Sports in Minsk

Ice hockey, on the other hand, is the city’s most popular sports. Check out hockey the games at the 15,000-seater Minsk-Arena. Designated as main Championship venue, is part of a unique sports complex consisting of a velodrom, a speed-skating and a hockey arena.  The Minsk Arena also conveniently comprises of two practice rinks for the use of competition teams, avoiding unnecessary travel between venues and change of dressing rooms.

Cheer on your favorite sports and its team on various sports Minsk.