There are many restaurants in Minsk to choose from to feed your hungry, gastronomic craving, from local and national dishes to foreign ones. Take away the hunger in you by dining in the city’s finest restaurants.

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in Minsk that serves both tasty and price worthy dishes. However supply doesn’t always correspond to demand and in weekend evenings it may be quite hard to get a table if no booking is made in advance.

The restaurants recommended below all serves dishes at a fair price level, there is no problem buying a main course with beverage at a reasonable price.

Minsk Restaurants

Lido offers a great range of dishes from the Russian and Belarusian kitchen. Self service is applied, so it’s quite easy just to grab what looks nice before paying at the counter. Cool and cozy countryside interior. It’s easy to get a proper and tasty dinner for less than 8 USD in this restaurant. Lido resembles the popular Mu-Mu restaurants in Moscow.

For a must try local dishes, head on to Medvezhy Ugol (Bear’s Corner) café. It is located in the quite corner of Minsk. The menu is almost exhaustive, and boasts a galaxy of nice dishes guaranteed to please. The cafe is proud of its skilled cooks who routinely go to Moscow to work on probation. Among favorite dishes: forshmak and draniki (Belarusian potato pancakes) with caviar.

Another restaurant which serves national Belarusian dishes is Potsdam. This cozy place for meeting and socializing is one of the oldest restaurants in Minsk. The restaurant provides a few rooms that are quite different. Although the restaurant is an ideal place for business meetings, you can come just for a beer or have a date in one of the quite restaurant rooms. There is also a banquet room for special events.

It’s not of necessity to go to Sweden to try the Scandinavian cuisine. You can do it right in Minsk, in Stockholm restaurant. Here, even bread is baked by special Scandinavian technology. It is a special restaurant providing Scandinavian cuisine to its visitor. The restaurant may seem quite expensive but the services are worthy of it. In addition to excellent food, the restaurant has its own security service and free parking lot. The interior is made in compliance with the best Scandinavian traditions. The austere Scandinavian style and excellent interior lighting do produce the unforgettable atmosphere of coziness.

Everything you need from both local and foreign dishes is conveniently found in Minsk’s restaurants.