Minsk has a variety of night clubs to keep you entertained in the late to wee hours of the night. What differentiates Belarusian clubs from other countries is most of them act as both club and a restaurant. Until very late at night you can choose anything from a variety of hors d’oeuvres and main dishes to keep you charged and active. Sometimes, for the price of your meal the show and disco is included. However, sometimes there are cover charges, espcially on the weekends. The cover may depend if you would like to have a seat at the bar or a table. And often the price differs for men and women.

On Monday most clubs are closed. Usually Minsk clubs have strict dress codes particularly about shoes; do not wear sneakers or shorts. The show programs are usually only on Friday and Saturday nights and will last about 1/2 hour.

Experience the ultimate clubbing in Madison Royal Club is about as exclusive, luxurious and hedonistic as it gets. Many male DJs come from Ibiza, the women DJs spin tunes whilst practically naked and the bill at the end of the evening is going to cost you more than the flight home. If you don’t like this kind of thing then move on. If on the other hand you do, the word on the street is that it’s extremely well organized, safe and one of the best nights out of its kind anywhere.

Dark and moody and featuring a bar that changes colour, Black Door lives in that classic Belarusian twilight zone that’s not quite a restaurant and not quite a club. The food is average, making even more of an argument for calling it a club. The music sways between anything from funk to jazz, DJs come from abroad and they often have raucous music-theme nights.

Have a fun and wild nights in Minsk by partying on these clubs.