A visit in Minsk won’t be complete without a drink or two with their finest Vodka and good local beers, and a good conversation with family and friends in their cozy bars.

Spend your night with these bars snug atmosphere of these bars.

Doodah King
A cozy bar close to the red church, it looks like a Mexican bar in Texas. The food and drinks is excellent but the a bit pricey. The bar is opened till 5 am, sometimes the entrance is not for free.

Rakovsky Brovar
One of the best bars in Minsk, Rakovsky Brovar, has its own small brewery where you must try the Grashovoe and Pilzenskoe. There are two floors of wooden tables and benches and a “sports corner”. Open until midnight.

Drozhzhi United
Minsk’s very own Irish pub is popular with the small group of expats in the city and successfully creates an authentic Irish pub ambience. Live Irish folk music on the weekend.

Rumour has it that there is a nuclear reactor somewhere in Reaktor. This is a cool joint and popular with the younger crowds. Here you can find atomic-inspired furnishings. Like an A-bomb going off – the loud techno will shake your bones.

Drinks and good music will take away the stress in a day of touring with the cozy atmosphere of Minsk Bars.