Being on a Minsk vacation does not necessarily mean forgetting about getting fit and healthy. Because the city features a great gastronomy, this gives all the more reason to be conscious about your health and stay fit in Minks. If you are thinking about a place to go to for healthy exercises, here are some ideas:

Beauty Free
Nezavisimosti Avenue, 86a

A health club featuring its own power and cardiac equipment, Beauty Free offers both diet and individual exercise programmes. They have professional trainers who speak in English, so you will not have troubles arranging for your fitness program. If you wish for some pampering, it also has a swimming pool (complete with hydro massage) and sauna.

Gala Sport
Pritytskogo Street, 27

Gala Sport is a place to go for those who want to do fitness activities like pilates, yoga, and aerobics. Power body and belly dancing classes are also offered so you have various fitness options.

gala sport minsk

Karla Libknekhta Street, 68
+375 17 254-77-55

Perfect for those who want to get a feel of ‘holistic’ fitness through yoga, Satori should be a place to be. It offers classic yoga sessions, designed especially for beginners. The club also provides pilates, strip dance, Arabic dance, and body ballet classes for people looking for a fitness alternative.

Vacations should never be an excuse to forget about being healthy, when in Minsk know where to go to burn that calories because being fit will help you enjoy the city’s beauty more.