Learn more about the city and its majestic culture and beauty by attending some of their well-known festivals. Minsk has variety of festivals that highlights the beauty of the city, which allow you see its culture in a different facets.

The government sponsors many annual cultural festivals. These events showcase talented Minsk performers, whether it is in music, art, poetry, dance or theater. At these festivals, various prizes named after Soviet and Belarusian heroes are awarded for excellence in music or art. Several state holidays, like Independence Day or Victory Day draw big crowds and include various displays such as fireworks and military parades. Most of the festivals take place in Minsk.

Minsk flower beds and landscape architecture festival

This annual festival aims to increase quality and culture of creating flower beds, the introduction of new techniques and modern technology design of the urban environment of Minsk. The festival has become a tradition to Minsk landscapers. Minsk and invite guests to visit the park, enjoy our flower gardens.

Minsk Blues Festival

This festival is an annual celebration of the Blues in the heart of Belarus. Its aim is to slake the thirst for blues music in this country by providing a stage for aspiring Belarusian blues artists to share their passion for the Blues with an appreciative audience, by organizing all the blues aficionados of Belarus into a vibrant blues community sharing common values, interests, and goals. The festival also aims to incorporate Belarus into the international blues community by establishing new and cementing existing contacts with international blues festivals and inviting world’s top bluesmen to perform in Belarus.
The Minsk International Film Festival
The Minsk International Film Festival

The largest and most prestigious public film festival annually takes place at the beginning of November. Its goal is to offer a wide selection of highly acclaimed feature films, documentaries from all over the world as well as new productions from Belarus. The program has three sections – feature, documentary and children and youth film festival Listapadzik. During a week cinema goers have a possibility to watch more than 100 movies in 5 venues. Filmmakers, actors and supporters have the opportunity to network at various events. Q&A sessions with directors and actors follow every screening giving movie goer’s first-hand access to the filmmaking process.

Discover their culture more through music, film, and even flower and architectural festivals. With these festivals and its festivities, your visit in Minsk will surely be a memorable one.