One of the most interesting sights to see in Minsk is its large buildings constructed in monumental Stalinist architecture. However, more than 80% of Minsk was destroyed during World War II, so there are hardly any buildings left older than 60 years. The best and most famous Soviet architects totally rebuild the “Hero city” directly after the war in monumental social realist style.

Below are some of the iconic architectural structures in Minsk.

Architecture in Minsk

The Minsk Circus or the Round Circus Building is where circus acts are held.  Performances from spectacle of midget acrobats, dubiously trained bears and other leftovers from the 19th Century are the usual acts performed here.

A nicely decorated classical style building from 1954 is The Trade Unions Palace of Culture. The building now houses two nightclubs.

Built in 1934 by famous Soviet architect Losif Langbard is The Government House located at Independence Square. It is one of the few buildings that have survived the World War II.

Victory square was built in 1954. With the Victory Column in the centre, ends the central part of Independence Avenue. Two bow shaped housing blocks with red propaganda slogans mark the top end of the square. The central part of the square can be reached via the metro subway. Gorky Park, the Museum of the 1st Congress of the Russian Socialist Democratic Labour Party and the house of Harvey Lee Oswald are all near the square.

Your eyes will surely be delighted with these beautiful architectural creations.