The Lovely Landscapes In Minsk

Minsk is a European city that is not exactly on the top of visitors’ lists of cities to visit while in Europe. However, to the not-so-common traveler, Minsk offers an alternative to the sights and sounds that most people are already accustomed. Minsk gives you another perspective of European life and reveals a different dimension of a nation on a transformation from being a former Soviet republic towards becoming its own nation.

The city offers a lot of eye candy to the traveller. The best thing about Minsk is that, compared to other European cities, it offers the budget traveller more opportunities to see the splendor of the city in a shoestring budget. The prevailing cost of travelling to Minsk is far cheaper than what you will be spending in major cities in Europe. To find out what this city can offer to the tourist, let us read about the landscapes of this beautiful eastern European city.

A stop in Minsk will never be complete without a visit to Victory Square. The square is a monument to the city’s victory over Nazi invaders during World War II. It features an obelisk at the center of the square. Victory Square is the third largest square that you can find in the SkarinaProspekt. The significance of the square as a symbol of Belarus’ fight for freedom is more than enough for the traveler to pay homage to the sacrifice to achieve freedom.

Another great way to learn more about the patriotism of the Belarus people is to pay a visit to the Museum of Great Patriotic War. The museum has a permanent exhibit and documents from World War II which depicts the horrors of war using the Soviet point of view. Although you may not be able to understand much of the documents being in Russian or Belarusian; still the feel and ambience of the resistance and the fight for freedom is enough to make your visit worthwhile.

If you want to sample Minsk’s culture and arts; you can step into the Belarusian Opera and Ballet Theater. The theater was built using the Russian Constructivism architectural styles using the designs of renowned Belarusian architect IosifLangbard. You can get tickets at the venue itself and is prices quite cheap compared to opera or ballet theaters in major European cities.

A trip to the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit is another landmark that a traveller should not miss. The church dates back to the 17th century and was a Roman Catholic church that housed the Bernardine Order. After which it was turned over to the Russian Orthodox Church. It is seen by some as the survivor of the Old Minsk and a relic of Belarus’ past.

Gorky Park is one of the most famous landscapes of Minsk. It is the park dedicated to the memory of Maksim Gorky. The huge wheel and the children’s park is homage to the children and youth of Minsk since the 19th century. There is also an indoor rink where anyone can practice one of Belarus’ favorite sport—ice hockey.
Truly you will be able to spend a wonderful time in Minsk without much fanfare and relatively cheaper compared to other places in Europe.