Minsk Travel Guide

The capital of Belarus, Minsk dates back in the 10th century and is thus considered one of the oldest cities of Europe. Offering a fascinating and unique experience, the city was almost destroyed totally during the Second World War, so although old, the city has a modern setting that will somehow surprise tourists, particularly those who are familiar with its history.

Although tourism is arguably not a priority in Minsk and English is spoken rarely, people will be easily captivated of its attractions and modern sophistication. Its casinos and clubs that are filled with lights and mirrors, its restaurants made of steel, and theatres with high technology features all add up to the unique characteristic of the city.

Lying at the very core of the country, along the Svislosh River, Minsk has long played as a major transport hub of Belarus. It has a subway system, a railroad station, and two airports. For a long time now, the country’s capital has also been its center for economy, culture, and education.

With about 11 theatres and 16 museums, Minsk is not just a place to unwind and enjoy. It is also a perfect destination to learn a new culture and uncover the treasures and beauty of Belarus.